The Rent book, an app devised by the corporate technologies is a much helpful tool to help the rental business; an essential service that have a wide coverage from celebration /event rentals like the chairs, shamiyanas, utensils and vessels to the machine and tool rentals for the construction field, to the vehicle rentals on daily or monthly basis. This simple user-friendly app is a highly efficient software where every records of the business deals can be stored. There are provisions for creating the name of the rental items, employee names and customer names which will make the business procedure much easier. When an item is being rented out every details of the concerned item is recorded in the app, like the name of the item, duration of rent and the rent fee, advance if any, the received amount at the closing time and balance if any. Also the employees’ wages/ salary, advance payment of salary and other financial transactions can also be dealt smoothly in this app. Some other noticeable features are the facility to send reminder SMS to the customer, and the automatic data backup to your email.


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