LAB REPORT is a handy and state of the art software brought about by Corporate Technologies, the master crafter of innovative software products. When the product is put in use, it give you an extra lead to your business making your work incredibly easy and precise, which otherwise is too conventional and not so versatile. This product is enabled to keep your test results in a professional way at the click of a button. LAB REPORT is an ideal tool for diagnostic labs to make their JOB accurate and user friendly, and patient friendly too. It is a common platform to share diagnostic reports with any lab anywhere with a user name and password. Labs need not have their own websites to publish the reports. It can be easily uploaded with test results in an excel sheet on regular intervals. LAB REPORT enables you to store, retrieve and update the test records of patients who have undergone different tests, and also details of referral doctors or clinics. Specific spaces are provided for feeding details concerning the tests, patients and referrals, and the distinct packages consumers subscribed for. A device styled as package master updates details of duration, intervals of tests and the cost. LAB REPORT is capable of reminding you of the likely date and time of expiry before and after the week as may be. Undoubtedly, it works on cloud, so it is amazingly easy to handle and experience the joy of LAB REPORT. You can own LAB REPORT on a small investment for a wonderful experience.

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