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Animation is a field of art or science that has the capability to impart life and zeal to non living characters. Basically it is based on the phenomenon of persistence of vision that allows the visual illusion of the objects. It is a phenomenon of an eye in which an image continues to appear in one’s vision after the exposure to the original image has ceased. With the advent of technological advancement and know-how, animation has got a new face that is known as 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional animations. 3 dimensional animation is far better than 2 dimensional. It adds more vigour and vivacity to the characters. The most obvious difference between the two genres of animation is of course the 3 dimensional characteristics or the appearance of depth. While 2D animation is a flat animation and all the actions happen in the x-y axes, 3D animation includes an extra dimension and that is the z axis.

Animation is a great way to emotionally connect with your audience. Almost everyone is fascinated by a make-believe world that’s a factor that easily keeps viewers engaged. These animated videos can be commercials or campaigns that drive the point straight home even in the absence of text and dialogues. That’s the beauty of animation. The feeling of ‘being sold to’ is the last thing viewers experience when visually engaged with an animated image or object. Say, employing a friendly faced mascot to run your campaigns which can definitely boost brand awareness and promotion.

So what’s so unique about your business? The benefits of signing up for your services? Who are your clients? With animation, there is a lot of scope to show your personality. Perceptions, ideas and concepts are portrayed when words may fail. Animation videos or mascots certainly are one of the strongest influencers in a consumer’s purchase decision due to the power of association.